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I guess I've been away a while from here so, I'll try to reorganize things here in the next weeks and catch up with the deviations on my inbox - it's reaching 1.5K so there's a lot to see yet :o. I thought I would do that during my vacation but I had plenty much work to do and with the explosion of the groups, it became harder to win the flow on my inbox. I will need to rethink my watch list, probably removing a few groups, to keep on track on what really matters for me, since I realized that, if I try to watch too much, I end watching no one properly. Besides, there's many duplicated deviations on my inbox.

Also, I'm really looking forward to study more about ways to improve my drawings this years. Now I'm pretty much on the tradicional work, searching for new materials for my art set. I've bought some good mech pencils but I still need to find where to buy the leads I need and also some good erasers and other tools. But what really is keeping me motivated is that I feel that I'm getting my rythm on my art studies. Even knowing that sooner or later my energy on my tradicional work may fade, I can always switch to digital studies and so on. There's a lot to learn on both styles and I'm really confident and excited about it.

On the other side, this is a year of many transitions in my life. It's my last year on college and some of my friends already concluded it. So, my time on college will be drastically reduced and I need to find where I'll be working and starting a carrer. It won´t be easy but there´s some good things going on, like the opportunity to publish an article, about the project I worked last year, on a international magazine of an important institution. This article may open some opportunity to work on some areas related to Image Processing. I don't know if that's what I wanna do but I believe it's a good shot.
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What a day! What a year! After so many sleepless nights, we had to show the results of a whole year of study and work on my most important presentation ever. I guess I mentioned before about my graduation project, that deals with image processing and some complex stuff about adaptative decision tree, to identify patterns on images to help on diagnostic of melanomas. The presentation was scheduled for 11:30AM but at 9:00AM we were still consolidating the results, 10:00AM we started fixing our slides and, only at 11:00AM, we decided what which member of the group was suppose to speech! We tried to do a quick practice, to prevent from any mistakes, and it was a total disaster! We were so nervous that we barely could remember the content of the slides, stuttered and everything! But then we had to go to the presentation room and so we did it. We felt like going to a slaughterhouse, due the iminent disaster :fear:.

We arrived only 2 minutes late, but there was already a tension in the air, cause a previous group had some problems and we had any idea that they wanted us there earlier. So, we placed our stuff for the presentation, under the evaluators eyes, and started. 22 minutes and everything worked out better than we planned! Ok, in spite of a blank slide that appeared in the middle, which instantanly caused a deja vù from another presentation, when we placed an incomplete version and half of the slides were all blank. But, on this case, it was just an animation that we had to click to appear the contents. We had 20 minutes to show our project and, even without any practice, we only extended 2 minutes! :phew:

But it was only the first round. There was another 20 minutes for the evaluators to interrogate us about anything from our project and we had two of the most rigorous professors there. And then, again, everything went perfectly. They loved what we did, said a lot of good things and only pointed good thigs about it, or about how we could use it for different purposes.

We left the room with a smile that we couldn't ever expect and so we went home, to finally rest a bit. I woke up later and I got the news that our project was elected, from about 30 computer engineering projects, one of the top five =D! And there was so many cool projects there!

This year was surely the toughest one in my live but it certainly worthed. I was already happy knowing that 2009 would be remembered as the year of my eye surgery and, now, this! I'm still trying to assimilate it and the fact that I'm on vacation now = D! So, yeah, after many months, I'll be back to drawing - or, at least, try to =P.
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Hi people! It seems t hat the summer days has arrived earlier this year. Is so hot that I can´t sleep!

Anyway, sorry about my low activity here. I'm working on some really time demading projects. The main one is a software to detect skin diseases (actually, only melanomas) by extracting pertinent atributes of a photograph and comparing with a databank of previous analyzed images. It also can change its own way of analyzing images and can accept new atributes, so it can learn how to make a better diagnosis. Pretty nice, but way too complex and the deadline is getting closer and closer :(.

I'm also learning about 3D programing and using it to develop a simple game (you can see some screenshots here). I hope, in the next years, I may be able to do something interesting with it ^^. Btw, the tool that I'm working is called processing. As I said, is just for basic stuffs, but it's been useful for an introduction on this matter.

Well, I guess this is it for now. If my deadlines are closer, so are my vacations! In a month I may be back to drawing again :)!
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Last week I got my, totally free and fresh, Windows 7 Professional (and it's not the Release Candidate that is available elsewhere)! I've heard many good things about it and wanted to give it a try. I like WinXP but I'm so tired of it's interface and, also, it's a good oportunity to try some new drawing tools. I've been using Photoshop Elements cause it's the one that came with my tablet and I had no idea which one to use. So, I'll relate my experience with it below:

First things first: Firefox! Then, a driver for my tablet! ...what, there's no such thing yet!? Experience aborted. Back to XP... and that's it.

So frustrating... I spent more time freeing space for it on my hd than actualy using it. Well, it seems to be too fresh to try it, but I guess I'll enjoy it once the time comes - November, probaly, since the official release is scheduled for October 22. Anyway, at least now that my attempt on upgrading on digital tools failed and I found out that I don't have enough tools to work traditionaly, I have nothing to distract me from studing. It's a decisive semester and there's two super big projects to accomplish. Oh man...
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One year and a half to the end of college. I'm feeling a bit strange about it, like I'm back in time, when I was at the same distance to conclude high school. At that time I was facing the one of the hardest moments in my life, needing to decide what to do about my future, knowing that some big changes was about to come. Exactly the same as now. The difference is that, at that time, I was facing the deepest depression ever. Now, I may not feel as bad, but I'm not so naive and, after all I've been through, I know much better myself and, specially, my limitations.

What comforts me is that, that semester, had the best ending I would imagine. My naivety made me ignore all the possible difficulties I would face along the way, aiming as high as possible when choosing my future college. Exactly where I am now. To conclude, I found an hobby that would rescue me and follow me all the way (Guess what: Drawing =D).

Today I may not seek to aim as high again, but more accurate. I've never though about using, somewhat, what I'm learning with my hobby in my professional life as I do now. I never felt so excited about it as I am now that I'm trying new things, widening my range. If I could find something that I could work with the half of passion that I apply on my drawings would be perfect. The good news is that I'm having some CG classes and it looks promising. Also, for next year, there's a concrete idea of creating a CG discipline (now, it's just some classes inside a more wide discipline). Well, maybe something can rise from it... who knows? :)

Side notes:
- Last Friday I went to doctor to see how my eyes are recovering from my lasik surgery, which happened about two months ago, and he said that there's no visible sign of it anymore :dance:. Also, I was afraid that I would have problems with dry eyes, but everything is ok about that too :).

-One of my brothers caught the flu weeks ago. He was feeling really weak but recovered fast. I was the one who had more contact with him but I, and everyone around, escaped. Now we have some masks left so we can scare people =D.

Random music thing:
Now that I got myself a 4gb memory stick for my phone and could fill it with music, I saw this tag thing and decided to give it a try :)

1. Como o mundo me vê?
// How does the world see me?

Take the Time - Dream Theater
(I' m a bit slow...)

2. Eu terei uma vida feliz?
// Will I have a happy life?

Make Believe - Angra
D :

3. O que as pessoas realmente pensam de mim?
// What do people really think of me?

Ghost love score - Nightwish
(??? people thinks I'm a ghost?)

4. As pessoas me desejam secretamente?
// Do people secretly lust after me?

Dreamweaver - Stratovarius
(??? People dream about me oO? Or it's me who is dreaming ._.?)

5. Como eu posso me fazer feliz?
// How can I make myself happy?

Old L.A. Tonight - Ozzy
(Need to get the ticket to get there)

6. O que eu devo fazer com minha vida?
// What should I do with my life?

Learning to fly - Pink Floyd
(Ok, I won't get the ticket. I'll fly there by myself )

7. Eu terei filhos?
// Will you ever have children?

Surrounded - Dream Theater

8. Qual um bom conselho para mim?
// What is some good advice for me?

Burning my soul - Dream Theater
(that's great ¬¬ )

9. Qual é minha música tema?
// What do I think my current theme song is?

War Inside My head - Dream Theater
(Suits me perfectly xD)

10. O que todos pensam que é minha música tema?
// What everybody thinks is your theme song?

Learning to Live - Dream Theater
(I love it too!)

11. Que música vai tocar no meu funeral?
// What song will play at my funeral?

Rio - Andre Matos
(At least I know where I'll die D : )

12. Como será meu dia?
// What is my day going to be like?

High Hopes - Pink Floyd

13. Por que estou aqui?
// Why am I here?

Faded - Bittecourt Project
(Ok, I'm not here...)

14. Pelo que as pessoas lembrarão de mim? //What will people remember me for?
Desire - Ozzy
(well, I guess it's good)

15. Que música não vai sair da minha cabeça amanhã?
// What song will I get stuck in my head tomorrow?

Ghost Behind My Eye -Ozzy
(I barely remember this one xD, but if it's behind my eye, it makes sense ._. )

16. As pessoas estão esperando lá fora pra me levar embora?
// Are there people outside waiting to take me away?

For the Heart I Once Had - Nightwish
(I knew it: Organ traffic. So I guess they will take a kidney instead *Charlie*)

17. Como será esse ano?
// What will this year be all about?

Larks tongues in aspic (cover)- Dream Theater
(???? So, I guess it's gonna be weird and nonsense, like all the other years)

18. Se você chegasse no topo do Monte Everest, você gritaria:
// If you reached the top of Mount Everest, you would scream:

You're not alone - Tour de Japon
(At the top of Everest?? Believe me, you are alone!!)

19. Na próxima vez que você estiver em frente a um grupo de pessoas, você dirá:
// The next time you stand up in front of a group of people, you'll say:

In the Presence of Enemies - Dream Theater
(anti-social? me????)

20. Sua mensagem para o mundo.
// Your message to the world:

Salvation: Suicide - Angra
(this is getting better and better xD)

21. Seu maior segredo.
// Your deepest secret:

Face the End - Andre Matos
(Yeah, everyone that finds about my deepest secrets faces the end later)

22. Seu desejo mais profundo.
//Your innermost desire

Where are you now - Dream Theater

23. Sua memória mais antiga faz você pensar...
// Your oldest memory makes you think:

Time - Pink Floyd
(... I remember I once had something like that, but it's gone long ago...)

24. Em algum lugar nos seus votos de casamento você vai incluir:
// Somewhere in your wedding vows, you'll include:

The Ministry of Lost Souls - Dream Theater
(I'm a lost soul ._.)

25. Quando você acorda de manhã você diz:
// When you wake up in the morning, you mutter:

Gentle change - Angra
(Changing a little to better, everyday,...)

26. Neste momento, seus sentimentos são:
// Right now, your feelings are:

As I Am - Dream Theater
(...but you should take-me-as-I-am now!)

27. O dia que você se apaixonar será o dia em que:
// The day you fall in love will be the day that:

Feel for you - Nightwish

28. *Pula*
// *Skip* (or *Jump*?)

Winds of destination - Angra

29. Sua mensagem aos leitores:
// Your farewell message to the readers of this:

Ending Theme - FFVI
( *credits* What would you expect!? It's over!! Go home!! =D)

And that concludes my never-ending journal :)
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It's so good when things works as planned! Another semester ended but, this time, without contretemps.

A week ago I had my LASIK eye surgery and I can tell that that was one of the most surreal moments of my life. I was without my glasses (which means, I was blind) with my eyes anesthetized (the sensation of not feeling my eyes was really creepy) and wearing the proper clothing for the surgery (with means, I was looking like an alien, wearing some white cap, coat and foot protection and with my eye yellowed by the iodine). Then, to complete the scene, the doctor came and said that MJ was dead. I was like "WTF!!!" and, in that mood, I entered the surgery room :lol:.

The first thing that I noticed, inside the room, was the big machinery, but I could not see it very well as I was without my glasses (which is good, cause it would make me think twice about what I was about to do). As soon as I lay in the seat, I felt like in a movie, when they use the camera as a first view. They placed an adhesive in my eyes, to keep my eyelash away, immobilized my eyelid, to prevent me from blinking, washed and stamped it (to make easier to replace the flap later). Everything set for cutting the flap, to uncover the area where the laser is applied. I only saw a strange machine above me and, then, the doctor said that it was going to press my eye a little. I heard a strange noise and, then, the machine went away with the flap. After that, I was positioned under the laser. It was suppose for me to look at a green or red light but, a few moments later, there was no light anymore. Actually, I was only seeing some psychedelic forms of brown, while smelling my burnt eye. Then, the doctor rubbed something into my eye (like he was washing a glass window) and repositioned the flap. Removing the adhesives and releasing my eyelid, the first eye was done! Everything repeated equally for the second one, except for the fact that I was much more tense. At certain moment, I was like transcending from my body and I started believing that it was a movie :O. This time, I moved my eye during the laser application, and the machine stopped and restarted (it works as they said it would!).

Both eyes done, they placed an protection into my eye, to prevent me from scratching. The doctor checked my eyes, gave me some instructions and I went back home, keeping my eyes closed for the next six hours. At that time, I already could see a lot better than before! Next morning, in the way back to the doctor's clinic, I felt like a children reading the signs (before the surgery, without my glasses, I barely could tell that any of that signs was there =D). Today, a week later, I'm still with my vision blurred, due the antibiotic eye drops, but I felt no pain at all. In three days I'll stop using this eye drop and, probably, my vision will be more than perfect!

ps: if you don't have any plans of doing a LASIK surgery and wanna know how it is check it.

ps2: a quarter of century... damn! I'm getting ollld! :no:
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Well, things are a bit complicated here so I've been with short time to draw and comment lately, but my vacation is about to come and, then, I'll have time for all this. I've already checked most of the stuff in my inbox, but I left most of them there, to check again with more time. Now, talking about messy things, let me give some brief informations about how things are going around here.

First, there's a strike happening in my university :(. Not all the schools joined it, but most of the services around here stopped, like transports and restaurants. Nothing extraordinary - we've been facing strikes around here almost every year - but things went out of control last Tuesday(June 9th), when the strikers decided to close the main gate of the University. It was supposed to be a pacific manifestation, but both sides (students and policemen) were in short of patience since the day that our Rector decided for a police occupation in our university. At certain point, when the strikers were going back to inside of the university, they noticed that five policemen was following. Then, they turned back and surrounded these five (probably something happened to incite this, but it's impossible to know). After that, the reinforcement came and the chaos started.

Just to give my point of view, I'm against this strike, at least the way it's been happening here. Due some of theirs claims, from this and past years, and the convenient moment that some of the last strikes happened, it lost all the credibility (not only from me, but from the society too). Also, it's done in a way that the only ones affected by this is the student that doesn't support them (in my case, without buses, I need to walk 4,5Km to reach my school, 9Km per day) and I believe that there's better ways to conquest what we need here (blocking the main access to the university, obviously, would not help in anything). On the other hand, that was no need of such violent action from the police, but they're trained to deal with bandits and not with this kind of situation so, their presence there was already a mistake too. Luckily, my school is strong enough to stay out of this and, even with some limitation, I can have my classes normally :).

Talking about classes, end of semester is another natural reason for my busyness. Again, it's nothing worse than what I've been through last years. Actually, I can tell that this is the best semester that I've ever had here. I had some really nice experiences, with a lot of discussion and interviews with managers and founder-presidents of enterprises. I always had the idea of opening my own business but now I feel like I've got the proper tools for that! Also, I'm studying a new technology of patterns recognitions in images, which will be applied in my project to do a pre-diagnosis of skin diseases. Cool stuffs, but keeps me busy all the time.

Just to conclude another of my long texts ^^;, my eye surgery is scheduled for June 25 but I still need to pass through some bureaucracies. There's a chance of receiving financial support for any, one or both eyes, which is really annoying me. Of course, it's not the most important thing about all this. What really matters is that the surgery succeed and I'm really confident about this since the exams shows that my eyes are perfect for this in every single aspect 8-).
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Hi people!

Sorry for my long absent. Unfortunately, things won't change, at least, till the end of the month. This time, I can't blame the college or my work. My life is a bit chaotic because I'm trying to settle everything for a eye surgery. After 16 years I'm getting rid of my glasses. :dance:

The problem is that I could not choose to do it earlier because my eyes only stabilized recently and, also, it's gonna be more expensive for me after June, since I will lost my medical coverage when I turn 25. So, the time is now, in the middle of the semester.

To make it possible, the first thing was to find and train someone to get my place at my trainee work. I thought that it would not be a big deal, but I forgot the college deadline for the trainee discipline and, after that, it would be impossible to find anyone to replace me. Now, this problem is almost solved and, in a few days, my weeks will be 20 hours longer. With this extra time, I'll be able to advance faster on the college projects and studies to be able to take some time off after the surgery 8-).

Also, in parallel with all this, I´m researching everything about eye surgeries, to be sure about my decisions. I also though that it would not be so hard, since I was relying most of it to my doctor. The problem is that, when I talked to him about it, I felt that he was more interested into selling the surgery than pointing the pros and cons about it. I don't think it was intentional, it's just natural to expect an optimism from an specialist on one kind of surgery. Today, this matter already evolved, now that I found a doctor that is really close to the family of my father, studies about different surgeries and, the most important, was recently operated.

Today it's still hard to believe that I'm gonna be free from glasses shortly. Things are happening too fast. What I can tell is that, even if it won't happen during this semester, it won't take much longer. The glasses I'm wearing now are getting old, but I won't buy a new one.
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lol, 1000 pv and a layout change at same time! Reminds me of some old games, like tetris, in which, when you reach certain scores, the bg changes and the games turns faster or harder! But, seriously, I wasn't expecting to achieve this number before a year, especially because I'm so slow in drawing new stuff! So, thank you all for the support and patience! =D
And now that I advanced to the next stage, I guess I should start drawing faster or better (probably I won't be faster, which leaves only the second option for me to try =P).
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Hmm, basically I'm writing this because I need to remove anything related to vacations (like my previous journal) from my sight, to try to enter in the rhythm again (I also must remind myself to keep the TV off too, since there's only happy people enjoying the summer on the beach there). So, nothing important here, just some random notes:

-I've been thinking about writing a short tablet review, just in case someone finds it useful (I would! Informations are never enough!). Also, I could not think about a better way to thank everyone that shared his/her knowledge, about this or any other subject, than doing the same. Nothing special, though, just a few words from what I got so far, most directed to people that never tried, but thinks about getting one, as I only have a few months of experience with one. While this doesn't happen, feel free to ask me if you have any question, maybe I can help. Oh and yes, I have no shame haha! If I'm writing this, instead of the review itself, you can guess how lazy I am haha! So, I don't know when (or if) I'll be able to do that.

-After four years or so, I felt like listening to Angra again. It used to be one of my fav bands on earlier ages. Their fifth album was released in 2004 and I enjoyed it a lot but, suddenly, I grew tired of it (I believe they exaggerated on some elements on this one which, as eating candies, you may like in a first stance, but there's only a certain dosis you can take). Then, they only released one more album, in 2006, and I'm just listening now. Unfortunately, the band is taking some time off, due some internal and judicial problems and I don't believe they will return so soon. Now, I can only count on this album and their individual works, while waiting for something new (seeing Kiko playing Nightwish's songs on Tarja solo tour was kind weird for me).

-Recently, I realized how happier I could be living without a cell phone, when, about two months ago, my old one was stolen. Two men approached me, one by the sidewalk while other was accompanying with the motorcycle. The whole action took only a few seconds. Then, during these last months, I noticed that most of the calls that I receive from it is from job, as when I wanna talk with my friends I usually go for Skype. Of course, I could not maintain this situation for much longer since I don't have other phone on my apartment than skype and, when my mp3 player died, I had no more excuses to don't buy a new one.

and that's it.
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The long-awaited vacation has arrived! Two weeks, counting from now. Enough time to go back to my hometown and see some familiar faces.

My visit could be longer, if I had chosen to quit my trainee job, but I decided to keep my original plan, of working for at least six months, no matter what. I also thought that working during my class vacations would not be so bad, since my busy time would decrease a lot, and all that I would need is some discipline, because my weekly job could be done in the first three days, leaving four for me.

Thinking about it now, I can't believe how I could be so naive!! In two weeks trying to put this plan to work I noticed something really obvious: Discipline and vacation doesn't match so easily! Especially when you're so tired!

After concluding it, I was really in doubt about continuing and, last friday, I had to give my final answer. As a friend of mine, which was working with me, decided to quit, my boss asked me if I was going to stay. Even with all the cells from my body screaming "No way!!!",  I said, calmly, "...yes, I will stay...".

Despite of this I must say that I'm quite optimist about the next year. Everything is going like I planned, if not better. It seems that the most difficult part was left behind :phew: and the following years should be a way better :).

Now, let me check my inbox. There's about two months of deviations accumulated there for me to see.
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Hi people!
Finally I'm writing my first journal!

I've been really busy lately. The college is really pushing me hard and, besides, I had just joined a project as a trainee. Definitely I'm not complaining: I'm very happy with this new work and I'm learning a lot from it :dance:! After studying my whole life in public schools, I feel that I am retrieving it to the society! That because its a nice project which aims digital inclusion, providing wireless internet in a small city, for the poorest people.

Because of that, it's been really hard for me to come up with something new here in DA, but, I'm still thinking a lot on it. So, for some unknown reason, something odd about an old drawing popped up. I remember that, after finishing it (which took a lot of time) I was quite satisfied. However, a few days later, I noticed that its shading was ok but, the base lines were a disaster. So, I started feeling that every time that I shaded my drawings I was cheating, by hiding a crappy stuff (of course, this only applied to my own drawings, since I never felt the same way about any other ones).

Even with a lot of things happening along the way, which even led me away from drawing a lot of times, this silly thing was still guiding me, unconsciously. Now that I noticed it, I decided to try to break this paradigm by trying again to shade my stuffs. Of course, it will take some time and I won't change my way drastically but, this time, I hope to evolve them (lines and shades) together.

Besides, I'm about to receive my first payment :excited: and, as I'm being a good boy, I'm thinking about anticipating the Christmas by giving me a tablet. Probably it will be a Wacom Bamboo Small, since it's a Wacom model that I can afford now (if someone knows more about tablets and can give some tips, I would be grateful). Being so, I ask to have a little of patience in these near months because I'm working slowly on this, but new stuffs must appear in a while.

Sorry about the long post and crappy English ^^;...
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